28 julho 2006


Há cerca de 300 anitos que vemos esta imagem na barra; Não perdeu nada da sua beleza; Nada....

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my fhotô devia apracer no barco,tambem sou filho de boa gente
sou o helder

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Feburary 17, heretofore Beijing has had more than 15 billion yuan cash reserve at most on the account east. Beijing east what do truly is platform, one is mixed the completely different platform in A. All business that we invest today will be opened to the society, will become another platform! Form a giant platform network finally! Liu Jiang east say, prospective Beijing east need is strengthened with the user experience, product serves, supply catenary to serve ability equivalence to be worth the investment that has persistent for the center.
The basis watchs newest data easily, chinese B2C market traded 2012 dimensions amounts to four hundred and seventy-nine billion two hundred and sixty million yuan, relatively grew 99.2% 2011. Among them Beijing east with of 16% trade portion row the 2nd. And the data that seeks advice to be released recently according to Ai Rui, the B2C website that Chinese own sale gave priority to 2012 trades in dimensions, beijing east the store is in [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/jordansforsale.aspx]cheap jordans for sale[/url] absolutely and lead position with the market share of 49% . The personage inside course of study thinks, this year will be Beijing a year of the battle that Dongying will come to to receive an official.
Pattern 2
Framework reforming points to kind of BeijingChange east : Rapid development will greet Su Ning node sex age
Meanwhile, su Ning buys the epigone after close therewith easily to be being sought finally decide new position. Ai Rui seeks advice release Chinese net was bought 2012 trade data report shows, in the B2C market that Chinese own sale gave priority to 2012, su Ning is bought easily have rate for 13.6% , the market is had rate grow 94% compared to the same period, add fast the first. But the personage inside a few course of study thinks, financing of Su Ning high specified number developed electric business to rise abruptly energetically from capital market exsanguinate last year rapid, but the end in be apart from oneself to imagine is further. And in capital market depression and shareholder pressure huge case falls, of this kind of buying and selling that burn money durative also make a person anxious.
On conference of deploy of strategy of Su Ningchun season, president Zhang Jindong expresses, go 3 years, arrive from store business electric business, su Ning is exploring his science and technology one year retail road; is new, su Ning should make contribution for the spring of Chinese retail trade, do the retail service business below the line on the line. Store business + electric business + retail service business, this is the China that Su Ning wants to advocate's retail cloud trade pattern.
After adjusting, electric business Wu returns to a group formally, su Ning will have platform of the chain below business affairs of the electron on the line, line and commodity to manage 3 old management headquarters. Li Bin of controller of operation of platform of business affairs of the electron on the line is rising for group president assistant. This act

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Contest of women football Shikoku begins Zhan Xiaosheng Mexico is new advocate handsome make a good beginning is encountered cold
On the competition ground yesterday, the new face that has a lot of did not meet even the reporters that follow women football all the year round, "Became even me old team member now. " the Weng Xinzhi that comes from Jiangsu is laughing to say, [url=http://wholesalenikeshoes.manifo.com/]wholesale nike shoes[/url] actually, she was born 1987, have 24 years old only. New personality brought new atmosphere as expected, the Dalian girl Li Wen that enters national group first just about receives Xu Yuan right Lu Chuanqiu the 5th minute in the second half, push calmly shoot excommunicate. The only goal that is this full-court match helps Chinese women football obtain make a good beginning.
Surpass the press conference after, commissarial Lian Haowei makes the central point that the reporter aims. Disclose according to Yu Hongchen of vice director of sufficient canal center, hao Wei becomes a full member the probation that wants a course one year. Dan Haowei's plan was not confined to a year, his the first broad ax changes blood namely, "Undertake to women football large-scale change blood, provoking people of a new type is consider from long-term goal. Our target was 2015 women football world cup and 2016 the Olympic Games, goal of our choose and employ persons is more long-term. Goal of our choose and employ persons is more long-term..
"Every position should have the capacity of 10 positions "
Strictly speaking, hao Wei's make a good beginning has some of moisture content. The Mexico of the first adversary that Shikoku surpasses the team is a half amateur team, team member people basically comprise by employee of student, company, take next their nature be nothing difficult. Accordingly this 1 than 0 small get the better of or did not make people satisfactory, contest hind has a reporter to oppugn Hao Wei, why does Chinese team defend bad; Still the reporter asks him, is China attacked how not biting? Hao Wei expresses objectively, "We played this game 70 minutes only good shot, as may frequent as me substitution, the change that causes the position on field is concerned. The change that causes the position on field is concerned..
Love Holand football and cling to he of Sa still made for Chinese women football new " attack completely defend completely " make a way, "We the capacity that the player of every position can have 10 places, we go after this. " cast when Hao Wei when giving this paragraph of word, spot noise rose blast a catcall. Dan Haowei still holds to him teach train of thought, "Current, my training cent team is 3 classes, the first phase is training manner, the 2nd phase is to pass receive a ball. We are in now the 2nd phase, we are a brand-new teams, the first game is good, after the hope can better. " tomorrow, chinese women football will meet Korea team head-on. Chengdu business signs up for reporter Hu Minjuan to send self-prossessed Qing Yongchuan